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Dream Aquarium

Dream Aquarium is a next-generation virtual aquarium & screensaver that brings the beauty of lush freshwater aquariums to your computer with unsurpassed realism.


  • The most realistic fish motion and behavior of any virtual aquarium.
  • A fiddler crab that cleans the bottom of the aquarium and chases fish.
  • Fish have articulated fins, moving eyes, gills and mouth.
  • Beautiful shifting light rays, ground ripples, gently waving plants that fish can swim into, soft shadows cast by fish, configurable bubble streams, auto or manual feeding.
  • Add well over a hundred fish (from 23 species), and change settings without having to exit the aquarium.
  • Free demo aquarium screensaver contains NO adware or spyware.
  • Widescreen formatting, multi-monitor support & much more!

At only $19.95 it makes the perfect gift as well. Once you install this aquarium and see the fish that look and perform like fish in a real aquarium, you’ll want one for yourself and another for that special someone(s) in your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the trial install some kind of adware or spyware on my computer?
Definitely not. We are in the aquarium screensaver business and nothing more. We think that those who enjoy the screensaver and want it to develop further will choose to support it.

Are there more tanks and fish available for Dream Aquarium?
Currently the trial version has access to several of the 23 species in our full version. There are currently 2 main tanks. It is our plan to add additional tanks and species which will be offered as expansion packs.

Can one license be used on more than one computer?
We are fine with using a single license on several of your own machines. We feel a serial number belongs to a person, not a machine.

What’s your policy regarding updates & upgrades?
There is no limit on the number of updates you can do. Your license will be good throughout the 1.x series of Dream Aquarium releases, so there’s no disadvantage to purchasing sooner rather than later.

Can Dream Aquarium be used as an active desktop?
Not currently, and it is not in our current plan to implement this.

Is the fish motion and behavior complete?
Far from it. Behavior development won’t stop until the fish look and act exactly like real fish. You can already see how the fish interact with their environment much more than any other virtual aquarium. We want our virtual fish to enjoy and explore their world, not just swim blankly from one side of the tank to the other.

Are there plans for a marine aquarium?
Yes, however since there is already a good virtual marine aquarium on the market, we’re focusing on freshwater initially.

Does the aquarium work in dual-monitor mode?
Yes, Dream Aquarium will display an aquarium on each monitor, and the fish and settings can be changed individually for each monitor. In the future we will have an extra-wide aquarium which extends across both monitors.

You deserve a virtual aquarium that looks and acts like an aquarium. You deserve a Dream Aquarium. Click the button below to enjoy Dream Aquarium today.

You can read our full review of Dream Aquarium here.

Price: $19.95

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