Dream Aquarium

by Dennis
Published on: September 19, 2012

I like screensavers. I’m not away from the computer much, but when I walk back to my desk, I enjoy seeing something interesting on my screen. There’s nothing like a good screensaver to save your screen and brighten your life.

Over the years, I’ve tried aquariums, photo-album, fireworks, dragons soaring, flying, burning, well – you get it – several different styles of screensavers. But they never really did anything for me. Sure, when you first install it, you might like it for the first run or two. But after that, they just don’t do nuthin’.

One happy day, I was searching the web in hunt for a great aquarium screensaver. Technology is always expanding, so it was reasonable to assume that someone had gotten around to creating a realistic aquarium screen saver. I was ready to throw my hands up in despair and admit there was no realistic aquarium screensaver available. 2nd to last on my list was something calling itself “Dream Aquarium”. I thought, “Dream Aquarium? Riiiiiiight. Someone’s dreaming alright.” After all, it’s not uncommon for software developers to name their project what they hoped it would be rather than what it is.

Well it was right! Dream Aquarium is so realistic that you catch yourself simply watching your screensaver. It’s a screensaver! It’s supposed to be on so you don’t burn your monitor if you idle your computer. You’re not supposed to just sit there and watch it, are you?

I think you are, as long as what you’re watching is Dream Aquarium. You can get lost in wonder as the fish interact and move just like fish move! And they look just like fish look! They even swarm when you feed them! That’s right – I said feed them. And that’s why I have it as my screensaver on every computer around here. So that when I’m working on my pc, my laptop will be idle and look like a fish tank.

If you dream (or have ever dreamed) of owning an aquarium, but you just don’t have the space or time for the real thing, you deserve Dream Aquarium. It’s as close to real as it gets.

I love this program so much I give them as gifts to family and friends. They always love getting Dream Aquarium!

Visit our store if you’re interested in this or anything we review. Or buy Dream Aquarium now.

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