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If you’re like us you’ve paid for software, downloaded it, and found out it wasn’t all it could or should be.

We built this site for you. Since we work online and need software to do our jobs, we have some experience when it comes to what software is the best software. Our recommendations are based on our extensive use of whatever we list on site here.

Some programs we’ve tried dozens of times before we found the right one. Of course, the right one for us may not be the right one for you, but we truly believe that our software is the best software.

We may have only tried  three or four different versions of a software program before deciding on the best and putting our stamp of approval on it. Even then, there were three or four we wasted money on. We read their flowery words and assurances of being the best only to be sorely disappointed. The only saving grace through it all is it forced us to try other options. And in trying those other options, we’ve found some amazing software.

Have a look around. I’m sure you’ll agree that we offer honest and unbiased software reviews. While we do throw some hardware in here and there, it’s honest software reviews we focus on bringing to you.

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